Science Themes

More than one hundred of INAF scientists are interested in participating to the Rubin LSST project.

In anticipation of this wide collaboration, that will be regulated with an agreement in exchange of “in-kind” contribution, ongoing activities and plans for future participation are being organized across 8 main science themes, that are listed below.

A preliminary list of the staff interested in these areas is show here

Science Theme Rubin LSST Science Collaborations INAF/Universities sites
The evolving Universe: the growth of structures over cosmic time Galaxies, Dark Energy, Strong Lensing Bologna, Milano, Napoli, Roma, Trieste
The cosmic distance scale and the Hubble constant Transient and Variable Stars, Dark Energy Bologna, Milano, Napoli, Teramo
The energetic Universe Transient and Variable Stars, Active Galactic Nuclei Bologna, Napoli, Roma, Torino
The exploding Universe Transient and Variable Stars, Dark Energy Milano, Napoli, Padova, Roma, Teramo, Trieste 
The physics of variable stars Transient and Variable Stars Bologna, Napoli, Padova, Roma.
The early formation and evolution of the Milky Way and nearby galaxies Stars, Milky Way & Local Volume Bologna, Catania, Firenze, Napoli, Padova, Roma
The infancy of stars and their planets Transient and Variable Stars and Stars, Milky Way & Local Volume Napoli, Palermo, Roma
The Big Data challenge Informatics and statistics Napoli, Roma