The Operations Simulator (OpSim) is an application that simulates the field selection and image acquisition process of the LSST over the 10-year life of the planned survey. More information here

In the first time you need install docker, the instruction are here

How to run a Opsim, here

List of the all Opsim Runs, here

A collection of information relevant for survey strategy work. here

Project-official baseline: Baseline2018a


The Metrics Analysis Framework (MAF) is an open-source python framework developed to provide a user-friendly, customizable, easily-extensible set of tools for analyzing data sets. More information here

A introduction to using MAF with Docker here

Other Tools

Collection of generically useful software developed by TVS members , here

A repository to host code and documents for the Observing Strategy Task Force for the DESC (Dark Energy Science Collaboration), here

A repository with data structures useful for SN analysis and simulations for the DESC, here