Tess/Plato Contaminants & Gaia Extension

Scientific Objectives

The principal objective of this team is to use our astro-photometric tools on LSST images to extend to fainter stars the Gaia-mission catalog. This extension will include color, magnitudes, absolute astrometry linked to the Gaia absolute astrometric system; including proper motions, and other data products (such as variability, as we will deal with individual epoch-images).

Numerous scientific applications might take advantage of this effort, however, our ultimate goal is to use our derived catalog and our newly developed technique to exploit the TESS and PLATO data, in the search for and to characterize exo-planets; especially those not detectable with traditional techniques.

A particular and immediate application, which is one of our sub-projects, will be to use the LSST level-2 data products to select and prioritize potential targets to be proposed for the PLATO v2.0 input catalog.


Principal Investigator:
Luigi Bedin, INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova

Giamapaolo Piotto Università di Padova

LSST young researchers:
Valerio Nascimbeni INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova
Antonio P. Milone Università di Padova
Domenico Nardiello Università di Padova
Lorenzo Colombo Università di Padova

Other INAF participants:
A. F. Marino Osservatorio Mt. Stromlo, Australia
M. Libralato Osservatorio Mt. Stromlo, Australia

LSST Affiliation

Stars, Milky Way and Local Volume

Transients and Variable Stars Science Collaboration

Activity Report

Report 2018