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Vera C. Rubin Observatory:

The LSST corporation

LSST Science Collaboration

Key documents

The LSST System Science Requirements Document (Latest Revision 2018-01-30)

The LSST Survey Strategy

Science Book

The LSST Overview paper

The LSST Data Products Definition Document (Latest Revision 2018-02-09)

Key Project Documents

Science Collaborations White Paper 2011 and other

List of submitted White Paper on LSST Cadence Optimization 2018

LSST Community forum platforms for communication


LSST Community

GitHub Community

LSST Project Science Team

LSST Data Management

LSST Science Pipelines Documentation

LSST astronomical data processing tasks

LSST base classes for data processing tasks

LSST astronomical image differencing

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